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Financial Aid & Insurance

Graduate students in the Marriott School can receive financial aid from a variety of Marriott School and program-specific scholarships as well as federal and Marriott School loans.

Where to Start

  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

  • Go to: and apply for federal loans and scholarships

    • Eligible students may borrow up to $20,500 per school year

  • Research private scholarships available to MBA students

Medical, Financial, & Insurance Information

Make a Budget

  • Create a spreadsheet to lay out ALL your monthly expenditures. Talk about what is necessary and what is not, and where you could cut back. Areas where you can save include:

    • Groceries

      • Food Stamps - Check your eligibility at

      • Smart Shopping

        • Many stores offer price-matching against competitor ads

        • Use apps like Ibotta, Snap, Checkout 51 and ‘The Savings Catcher’ feature in the Walmart app. Take a picture of your receipt from within the app to earn money back.

        • Budget Stores like Winco in Orem have great options at low costs

    • Entertainment/Date Nights/Family Activities

      • MBASA and MBA sponsored activities are FREE or low-cost

      • ROC Passes for BYU sporting events

        • Grants entry to every regular season, home, NCAA sporting event

        • Student General Admission (w/ Football) $150; (without Football) $80

        • Student Guest General Admission (w/ Football) $220; (without Football) $120

      • See ‘Activities in Provo’ for more ideas of things to do in the area

  • Extra things to keep in mind:

    • Plan for Extra Expenses

      • Club dues and school trips

      • Internship search (Travel for conferences, interviews, etc.)

      • Meals away from home (networking, business meetings, etc.)

    • Other Sources of Income

      • Some competitions have cash prizes

      • Additional scholarships (Eccles, Hawes) are awarded during the school year

      • Sherpa program offers small compensation (2nd-year only)

      • Paid opportunities to be a teacher’s aide (TA) or work with the MBA Recruiting Office (2nd-year only)

  • Calculate how much you’ll need per month to live, and account for any income you will have, as well as savings or cash you’re going to be living off of. The difference between what you have and what you need is the amount you’ll need to seek in student loans and scholarships.

Financial Aid Resources

  • BYU Financial Aid

  • Federal Stafford Loans

  • Marriott School Financial Aid (MSM)

    • All eligible students who have accepted their maximum federal Stafford loan award(s) will then be automatically considered for the MSM Loan.

    • The loan does not apply to the Executive MBA, Executive MPA programs, and international students.

    • Due to limited resources, the MSM Loan is to be considered supplemental, and secondary, to federal aid.

Financial Aid Assistance at BYU

  • Steve Hamberger 234 JRCB, 801-422-5195

The Marriott School is aware that financial aid is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every family in the MBA program. On a case by case basis, Steve Hamberger can help assess your financial needs and help you consider other options of financial aid (including scholarships, federal loans, etc.). If you are ever concerned about the amount of financial support you are receiving, you may schedule a consultation with him.

There are federal privacy laws that must be taken into consideration when discussing private financial information. If the student wishes to grant a third-party access to discuss or view his/her financial information, the student will need to visit the Guest Access website to grant this access to the third-party. After that access has been granted, the third-party will



  • You don’t want to run out of money in March with none coming in until June
  • Plan to pay off student loans ASAP after graduation

    • Create a plan and stick with it

    • Most BYU MBA grad families pay off student loans in 1-3 years

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