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Housing Resources

Provo Housing

Although rental apartments/condos/houses are often more expensive in Provo, it is nice to live close to campus. It comes recommended that incoming spouses walk through a potential rental property in person before signing a contact. Photographs can be deceiving and not all rental properties in Provo are well maintained.

Wymount Terrace and Wyview Park, BYU’s housing options for student families, both offer month-to-month contracts.

For additional information on Provo housing, view the blog post on Helpful Housing Hints written by one of our MBASA members.


Housing Outside of Provo

No matter where you live, MBASA provides ways to connect with its members. The Area Representatives & Guru Program help bridge the gap for those living outside of Provo.

Utah County offers affordable and pleasant neighborhoods. Springville, Spanish Fork, and Payson are all located south of Provo. Springville is known as “art city” and offers many art-related attractions. These cities are generally smaller, less congested, and have lower housing prices.

To the north of Provo are Orem, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, Alpine, and Highland. You will be able to find more houses and newer condos for rent, but they are more crowded areas.

Walking, Biking, & Driving in Provo

Provo is a very pedestrian-friendly city and there are sidewalks, bike lanes, and crosswalks through most of the city. Parking on campus is limited so many students prefer to walk.

MBA students are eligible for a “G” (graduate student) parking pass, which allows them access to more parking spaces. Scooters are another good way to get around town.

Places to Find Furniture

Previous students have had a good experience looking for furniture/home appliances in the following places:

  • KSL

  • IKEA

  • Mattress Dealzz

  • Walmart Supercenter Orem

  • Facebook Marketplace (see Provo Indoor Yard Sale/ new Provo Indoor Yard Sale/ MBASA Exchange)

  • For donations given from previous students talk to Tiffany Bevans (801) 616-9319

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