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MBASA (pronounced “em-BAH-suh!”) stands for Master of Business Administration Spouse Association. But it goes deeper than just a funny acronym, MBASA stands as a strong support system for our members and provides opportunities for service, friendship, leadership, and learning for all its members.



If your husband or wife is enrolled in BYU’s full-time MBA program, you are automatically a member of MBASA! We have men and women, international spouses, spouses who work, spouses who are students, spouses who stay at home, spouses with children, spouses expecting children, and spouses without children.  The various interests, talents, and experiences of MBASA members help to provide unique opportunities to connect.


  • About 70% of BYU MBA students are married, providing a built-in network of friends in similar life circumstances.

  • MBASA is funded by kind donors from BYU and member dues.

  • Influential in MBA program named #1 Most Family-Friendly Business School in the US.

MBASA Committees & Activities

  • There is incredible talent within MBASA; most classes are taught and led by members themselves. Joining a committee and attending activities is a great way to make friends and have time developing and investing in yourself while your spouse is doing the same in the MBA program.

  • Several activities are held per week that you are welcome to attend, depending on your interests, needs and schedule. We recommend choosing several activities per month that interest you since it is impossible to attend everything!

  • MBASA Committees include, but are not limited to:

    • Activities Committee (SIG)

    • Athletics Committee (BYU Intramurals, kid's soccer)

    • Family Committee (park days, field trips, playgroups)

    • Gifts of the Heart Exchange (GOTHE) Committee (free clothing for families)

    • Holiday Committee (Halloween, Christmas)

    • Marketing Committee (Instagram, Slack, family picture day)

    • Mentoring Committee 

    • Personal Growth Committee (guest speakers, mentoring opportunities)

    • Service Committee (organized service projects, meals to new moms)

Online Resources​

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