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MBA Dictionary

The BYU MBA program is full of fantastic resources and opportunities, and you’ll quickly discover it’s also full of unfamiliar acronyms and names. Your spouse will probably start using these acronyms and phrases, so let’s de-code the confusion!

MBASA (pronounced “em·bah·suh”): Association for spouses of full-time MBA students

SIG: Special Interest Group

GOTHE (pronounced “go·th”): Gifts of the Heart Exchange: this is a free clothing exchange for all MBA and Law school families. GOTHE is possible thanks to generous donations and volunteers. MBASA members can get involved here.

NAC (pronounced “nack”): National Advisory Council: successful business leaders who are involved with and donate to the BYU Marriott School of Management.

MBAA (pronounced “M-B-A-A”): Association for full-time MBA students

MAB: Marketing Advisory Board

HRSA: Human Resources Student Association

MBAMA: MBA Marketing Association

SCOA: Supply Chain & Operations Association

GEA: Graduate Entrepreneurship Association

GFA: Graduate Finance Association

CSG: Cougar Strategy Group

CTS: Cougar Talent Solutions

HIA: Health Industry Association

MBATS: MBA Tech Society

PMA: Product Management Association

WIM: Women in Management

VCIC: Venture Capital Investment Club

VCPE: Venture Capital/Private Equity

Sherpa (pronounced “sher·pa”): A 2nd-year MBA student who has been assigned to guide 1st-year students with internship preparations.


Info Sessions: When companies come to BYU campus to present information about jobs and internships with their company.

National Black MBA Association: An organization which holds a popular business conference with recruiters from over a hundred companies. The conference is open for all MBA students to attend. It is held outside of Utah and typically happens in October.


Tech Trek: A trip available to MBA students to network at popular tech companies like Google and Apple.

Glossary for Internationals

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

FCFS - First Come First Served

ISO - In Search Of

OBO - Or Best Offer

RSVP - répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning "please respond"

TIA - Thanks In Advance

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