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80's Night!

What a fun night! We started out with mingling, eating food and 80's candy. It was so fun seeing everyone's dress ups!

Then we had a costume contest. They did a little fashion show and everyone voted via texting. Cambra won first place and Amanda won 2nd place! Way to go!

It was so fun to see everyone's costumes. Some came in jeans. Some came in neon. And some came in classic 80's attire. They were all so different!

And one literally dressed up as they're in their 80's. Whoo hoo! :D

Then we played "Never Have I Ever..." game. And "Can you Name 80's music?"

Finally, we ended the fun night with good ole dance party.

Thanks everyone who came!! You all rock! We miss you all who couldn't make it! Next time!

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