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MBASA Charter

  1. Name and Purpose:

    1. Name

    2. Masters of Business Administration Spouse Association, MBASA.

    3. Purpose

    4. For the fellowship of the spouses of current full-time Masters of Business Administration students

    5. Mission Statement

    6. Celebrating our diverse backgrounds, we support each other in a spirit of friendship and unity. Working together, we strive to develop spiritual, social, and intellectual qualities that will help us better enrich and serve in the communities to which we belong.

  2. Membership and University Compliance:

    1. Any spouse of a current student of the full-time Masters of Business Administration program is automatically a member of MBASA.

    2. Membership is limited to spouses of full-time MBA Students. Full-time MBA students may also be members if they desire.

    3. Membership is dissolved upon graduation of or discontinuation of schooling by the member’s spouse. Members may not be voted out.

    4. Non-Discrimination

    5. This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of age, color, gender, national origin, disability or handicap, race, religion. This policy will include, but is not limited to, recruiting, membership, organization activities or opportunities to hold office.

    6. University Compliance

      1. This organization will uphold the standards of the University as stated in the Honor Code.

      2. This organization shall comply with all University and campus policies and regulations and local, state, and federal laws.

  3. Officers – Roles and responsibilities:

    1. President

      1. Sole spokesperson for MBASA

      2. Liaison between the members, MBAA General Council, and the University

      3. Create committees (see Section V(A))

      4. Preside at Presidency and Board Meetings (see Section V(C))

      5. Exercise final decision and veto power for all activities representing and/or using funds from MBASA subject to Section V(C)(5)

    2. Vice President

      1. Assist the President with execution of duties

      2. Represent MBASA in absence or at request of President

      3. Replace President in the event the President resigns or is otherwise unable to execute duties for a period

      4. Oversee special projects.

    3. Director of Committees

      1. Assist the President in execution of duties

      2. Oversee the committees.

      3. Coordinate calendaring and resolve any calendaring disputes between the committees

      4. Responsible for communications from committees to MBASA

      5. Assist in the allocation of funds between the committees

    4. Treasurer

      1. Assist the President in execution of duties

      2. Present a financial update to Presidency at least once per month

      3. Execute duties set forth in Section VI

    5. Secretary

      1. Assist the President in execution of duties

      2. Record meeting minutes

      3. Maintain membership records

    6. The Presidency

      1. Collectively, the officers shall be known as “the Presidency.”

      2. Each year the Presidency will appoint one of its members to serve as the MBASA Alumni Representative to work in conjunction with the MBA Alumni Director for the maintenance of the MBASA Alumni Directory and recruiting of MBASA Alumni.

      3. If at any time a vacancy occurs in the Presidency, with exception to the President, the position will be filled by a mid-term election.

        1. The President shall notify members of the vacancy and ask for candidates.

        2. Candidates shall submit a one-page (12 point font, Times New Roman, 1-Inch margins) position and background summary to the Presidency.

        3. The Presidency will circulate the statements to the members.

        4. Additional campaigning is not permitted for the mid-term election.

        5. The Presidency shall hold a mid-term election via the internet providing each member the opportunity to vote for a period of no more than 24 hours.

        6. All current members may vote in the mid-term election.

  4. Officers – Election:

  5. (This clause is not subject to Section V(C)(5))

    1. Elections

      1. Officers shall be elected by all returning members of MBASA. This includes members who spouses are involved in joint programs.

      2. Each returning member is entitled to one vote per position.

      3. Elections shall be held during winter semester. Date to be set by current Presidency.

      4. Candidates must be current members of MBASA.

      5. Only spouses of full-time students are eligible to hold office.

      6. The Presidency shall have voting over the internet, thus allowing each person the opportunity to vote.

      7. Elections shall last no longer than 24 hours.

      8. In the event of a tie, a revote shall occur within one week.

      9. If a member is unable to vote via the internet, the member must notify in writing a member of the Presidency during the voting period.

    2. Campaigning

      1. Each candidate will declare the intent to run and desired position to the Presidency in a manner and on a date specified by the Presidency (at least one week before elections are held).

      2. Within 24 hours of receiving all intents to run, the Presidency will send an election notice to each member with the names of all candidates along with their respective positions.

      3. The Presidency will provide a night in which each candidate will be allowed to address the members.

      4. Time limits for the speaker night will be set by the President allowing equal time for each candidate based on position.

      5. Each candidate shall submit a written position statement, no greater than one typed page (12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins), at a time determined and set by the Presidency.

      6. The Presidency will post, in a public forum, the candidates’ positions statements and biographical information.

      7. Prior to the start of the elections, the current Presidency may promulgate additional rules and regulation regarding campaigning.

      8. If more than three (3) candidates run for a position, the Presidency may hold a primary election for that position. The primary must occur at least 24 hours prior to the official election and is subject to the same rules set forth above.

    3. Removal of Officers

      1. Officers may resign at their discretion. A new officer will be appointed in accordance with III(F)(3).

      2. An officer may not be removed from position unless the officer is no longer qualified to be a member (i.e. the member’s spouse is no longer a student).

  6. Committees:

    1. Creation and dissolution

    2. (This clause is not subject to Section V(C)(5))

      1. The President, with counsel of the Presidency, shall create committees as needed.

        1. Committees dissolve automatically at the end of an administration; each president starts fresh.

        2. It is not required that committees rollover from year to year.

      2. Committee Chairs

        1. Those members interested in serving as committee chair(s) will submit their names to the Presidency by a deadline set forth by the Presidency. The application process must be open to all members.

        2. Upon receiving the names of chair(s) candidates, the Presidency shall select a chair(s) for the respective committees.

        3. The Presidency may solicit volunteers for committee chair(s) prior to seeking volunteer members of committees.

        4. Committee chair(s) are subject to the unanimous approval of the President, Vice President, and Director of Committees.

      3. Committee Membership

        1. The Presidency shall notify all members electronically of the committee(s) and solicit volunteers for said committee(s).

        2. Acceptance as a committee member occurs instantly (without a vote or approval).

        3. It is the right of every member to serve on a committee; no member can be denied the opportunity to serve on a committee.

      4. The President may replace committee chairs and/or dissolve committees with majority consent of the Presidency and the Board.

    3. Committee Funding

    4. (This clause is not subject to Section V(C)(5))

      1. A committee may not raise funds independently, although it may charge for events and supplies with the approval of the President and Treasurer.

      2. All funds associated with committees must be approved by President, Director of Committees, and Treasurer.

      3. Board

        1. The committee chairs shall be collectively known as “the Board”.

        2. Each committee is allowed one vote at board meetings if the President has called for a vote.

        3. The President shall schedule meetings as deemed necessary, with the counsel of the Presidency, and preside at those meeting.

        4. The President sets the agenda and may call for votes on items. The President will decide which items require a Presidency and/or Board vote unless explicitly set forth in the Charter.

        5. Override:

          1. Except where specifically prohibited in the Charter, a board member, supported by a second board member, may call for vote on an item to override the decision of the President or Presidency.

          2. The item will be placed on the agenda of the next Board meeting.

          3. Two-thirds (2/3) of the Presidency and Board is required at the meeting for an override vote. Note: each committee is allowed one vote. Therefore, only one chair of each committee counts towards the two-thirds (2/3) requirement.

          4. A two-thirds vote of those present in favor of an override is required to override the decision.

    5. Faculty Advisor

      1. The Marriott School of Business will designate a faculty advisor.

      2. The faculty advisor’s responsibilities will be determined by the Marriott School of Business and said advisor.

  7. Finances

  8. This section is not subject to section V(C)(5).

    1. Annual Dues

      1. No annual dues will be required for membership. General membership is free. Certain events may be subject to “activity dues” as described in item #2.

    2. Activity Dues

      1. Attendance at specific events or activities may be subject to activity dues.

      2. Activity dues will be determined yearly by the majority vote of the Presidency.

      3. Additional fees for events may be required as necessary. The Presidency has discretion to set additional fees for specific activities.

    3. Agency Account

      1. All funds will be maintained in a BYU agency account

      2. The funds will be used for the purposes set-forth by this Charter including but not limited to Activities and Service offered by MBASA.

      3. A specific member, designated by this organization shall be responsible for payment in full of all debts accumulated by the organization not covered by funds on deposit. In the occasion that the organization becomes inactive (2 consecutive semesters) or decides not to re-charter with money remaining in the organization agency account, the organization authorizes the sponsoring University entity to determine the use of those remaining funds or to transfer them to a holding account for future organization as needed. Should this organization re- charter within a 3 year time period from the time of inactivity, those funds will be transferred back into the organization account.

    4. The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of the dues.

    5. Fund disbursements require the signature of two members of the Presidency.

    6. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining MBASA finances in accordance with general accounting practices and BYU standards.

  9. Amendments to the Charter

    1. This Charter may only be amended by the members of MBASA.

    2. Amendment Process

      1. For Amendments that are created to reflect correct policy and do not affect MBASA members, only approval by the MBA Office is required. The Presidency will still notify MBASA members of changes. The policies created by the MBA office are not subject to approval by MBASA members.

      2. For amendments that affect MBASA members and are not set by MBA Office:

        1. Any member, supported by a second member, may propose an amendment to the Charter at any Board meeting.

        2. A proposed amendment must be written.

        3. All members must be given adequate notice (no less than 7 days from a vote on said amendment) that an amendment has been proposed.

        4. The draft amendment will be circulated to members of the association through the normal channels of communication

        5. The Presidency will create a forum for discussion on said amendment

        6. The President shall call a vote on the amendment after a period sufficient for notice and discussion (no less than 7 days).

        7. Amendments to the Charter require a 3/4 majority of votes cast by the members.

      3. University Approval

        1. The Charter and any amendments thereto will be reviewed annually and are subject to the approval of the sponsoring university entity.

  10. Effective Date and Ratification

    1. Effective Date

    2. This Charter is effective immediately.

    3. Ratification

      1. The President shall put the Charter to a ratification vote by all current members in Winter Semester 2010.

      2. The Presidency shall issue notice to current members at least one month prior to the ratification vote.

      3. The Presidency shall provide each member a copy of the Charter.

      4. The Presidency shall provide a forum for questions and answers.

      5. Ratification requires a majority of votes cast in favor of ratification.

      6. If the ratification does not pass,

        1. The President shall set a date for another vote at least one month later.

        2. The Presidency shall create a review committee to solicit feedback from the members and amend the Charter as needed for ratification.




MBASA Policies

MBASA is governed by an MBASA Charter. All members are encouraged to read and understand this document. It outlines qualifications for membership, roles and responsibilities of the presidency and board, the election process, amendments and overrides to the charter, and proper financial governance.

In order for MBASA to continue to run smoothly and with the support of the MBA program, we have a few policies and guidelines:



  1. Food Policies for On-Campus Activities: (On-Campus Activities are activities held in the Tanner Building, Wilkinson Center, etc.) Parties of 20+ may bring prepackaged food items from any grocery store (this excludesbakery items, deli trays, etc. that are made in-store) and otherwise must use a BYU-approved caterer. BYU Food to Go is fast, easy and cheapest price and must be ordered 2 days in advance (801-422-5011). No outside water bottles can be used. BYU is in contract with Coca-Cola. Dasani water can be ordered from BYU Food To Go if needed. Best suggestion: Fill jugs with water and bring disposable cups

  2. Products/Advertising: We cannot endorse any products or brands in the name of MBASA or BYU. No selling products at activities with the exception of the Mrs. Claus Boutique where handmade items from spouses can be sold.

  3. No Raffles: Raffles are considered gambling, which is illegal in the State of Utah. Collecting money for prizes is also not allowed. Door prizes are okay.

  4. Use of Google Group: No advertising of activities that conflict with scheduled MBASA events. No promoting products, brands, etc. If hosting a product party of some sort (Scentsy, Tupperware, etc.), one email is allowed, only if the event does not conflict with a scheduled MBASA event. After the initial email, contact should only be made with those that sign up or email the person directly. Any questions about use of the Google Group can be addressed to the Secretary.

  5. Safety & Liability: There are no official disclaimers or waivers. BYU is in no way responsible for what happens at MBASA activities. Be sure to put a word in for safety if there is risk with a certain activity.



  1. Calendar Guidelines: The calendar will permit two evening activities per week. Each committee may have one evening activity per month with the exception of the fellowship and personal growth committee, which will have two. Activities must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Try to schedule your activities on different nights each month to create opportunities for members to attend. No MBASA activities on Monday evenings, except a quarterly MBASA Family Home Evening.

  2. Advertising for Events: Please use spreadsheets rather than evites for events. Spreadsheets are easier to manage and allow for more information (contact info, ideas, etc.). Evites are for more specialized activities (socials/formal gatherings, etc)

  3. Guest Speakers: All guest speakers must be approved through the MBA Office. Please submit speaker requests to the President(cc Director of Committees) to begin the approval process. Speakers should not be contacted prior to approval. We are not permitted to ask current general authorities and/or their spouses to speak – even if related to members of MBASA/MBA students.



  1. Budget Policy: All purchases using MBASA funds MUST be made with an MBASA credit card or campus card. Personal payment methods may not be used and then reimbursed. Contact the Treasurer to borrow an MBASA credit card or campus card and return it promptly with receipts for all the card was used for. Original receipts, as well as electronic or paper copies, will be accepted. Gift cards cannot be purchased. As a general rule, we encourage committee heads to collect receipts for their committees and submit them to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

If you have any questions about policy, email the MBASA President.

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