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Back to School Night!!

It was fun night! It was filled with fun ice breaker games, surprise dance from our presidency, yummy refreshments, and new friends. It was great meeting our first years and seeing old friends. We listened to Professor McQueen and his wife and learned the basics of MBASA. We also had the opportunity to learn how to be more involved in the committees.

We started with the ice breaker activity- "Would you rather?"

Another ice breaker

The guest speakers, Professor McQueen and his wife, spoke to us.

Our VP, Aubrey Darger, spoke about the in and outs of MBASA program.

After listening to the speakers, we ate refreshments while we mingle. People also signed up committees they wanted to join in. The MBASA committees are Activities, Athletics, Family, GOTHE, Holiday, Marketing, Mentoring, Personal Growth, Recruiting, Service, World Cultures.

Service- Gauchay Merrill & Sam Ngai

World Cultures- Eloise Tsukada

GOTHE- Chelsea Ball & Cambra Gordon, Recruiting- Ashely Lee

Holiday- Ashley Hulme

Our yummy refreshments- popcorn and toppings

If you want to be involved in the committees, reach out to the presidency and they will direct you! Let the great year begin!!! :)

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