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Opening Social Night

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

We had an inspirational night last night! It started out with mingling while enjoying Italian Soda.

Italian Soda- Strawberry, Vanilla, Coconut, etc. YUM!


At 7, we took our seats and ate our salads as our MBASA president, Jacquie Erickson, introduced us to this year theme: Believe. Love. Do.

Jacquie's talk on this year's theme

We then did this fun "Get to Know You" game led by Aubrey Darger (VP). Then our keynote speakers, Chris & Scott Peterson spoke to us. It was very motivational and inspiring!

Scott spoke about "The Dash" which is between our birthdate and death date, and the MBA program is part of our dash. He encouraged us to make the most of it.

Then his wife, Chris Peterson, spoke on how even if we feel average, we can accomplish things that seem way beyond us because we can access grace, or the Lord's help.

It was a wonderful night filled with friends and yummy dinner.

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